About Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams

About The Society Of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. | www.AgainstScams.org -- SCARS™ the only Worldwide Nonprofit Nongovernmental Incorporated Cybercrime Victims’ Assistance & Crime Prevention - Support & Advocacy Organization focused on the detection, deterrence, and eventual elimination of global online scams in all its forms, and the assistance and education of scam victims in their recovery and avoidance of future victimization. -- While the Society is based and incorporated in the United States, we represent Victims, Advocates, and active Anti-Scam Professionals, Groups, and Organizations all around the globe. -- To learn more about SCARS visit www.AgainstScams.org -- To donate to SCARS visit donate.AgainstScams.org -- We hope that you will help us by adding your voice and helping us help more scam victims worldwide.

What Is A Relationship Scam

What Is A Relationship Scam? A relationship scam is a deceptive scheme where fraudsters exploit emotions to manipulate individuals for financial gain or personal advantage. A relationship scam is a type of fraud in which scammers deceive individuals emotionally and financially by pretending to form a trust connection. These scammers exploit the trust and vulnerability of their victims, often through online dating platforms or social media. They build a false sense of connection or intimacy, gain the victim's trust, and then manipulate them into providing money, gifts, or personal information. Relationship scams can cause significant financial and emotional harm, Read More ...

About Anyscam.com

About SCARS Official Anyscam.com What Is Anyscam.com? Anyscam is a single element in the SCARS|CDN™ Cybercrime Data Network™ - also known as the Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network. It is one of the locations online where scammer criminal reports can be entered into the SCARS|CDN Network for distribution in real-time around the world to entities that can make use of your report for multiple purposes. We collect the crime data and pass it along to these entities for their appropriate actions. The SCARS|CDN was engineered at a considerable cost to parallel the service provided by Interpol as a Read More ...

Report Scams – Facebook Accounts And Links

Report Scams - Facebook Fake/Scam Accounts/Pages/Groups REPORT FACEBOOK FAKE/SCAM ACCOUNTS OR PAGES OR GROUPS Use the other social media report for Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, etc. Reload Form If you do not see a confirmation that your information was accepted, scroll up to correct any errors

Report All Scammer Details With Photos

Report Scam Details With Photos (If Available) COMPLETE SCAM REPORT Report whatever you have! Reload Form If you do not see a confirmation that your information was accepted, scroll up to correct any errors.

SCARS|CDN Anyscam: Report Scammer Money Transfer Information

SCARS|CDN™ Anyscam™ - Report Money Transfer Information FREE SCAMMER REPORTING Thank You You are making a difference by reporting scammers. This information can help another person avoid becoming a victim.

Report Scams – Social Media Accounts And Links

Report Scams - Social Media Accounts REPORT SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS This includes Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Threads, WhatsApp, and many more. Reload Form If you do not see a confirmation that your information was accepted, scroll up to correct any errors