About Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams

About The Society Of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. | www.AgainstScams.org -- SCARS™ the only Worldwide Nonprofit Nongovernmental Incorporated Cybercrime Victims’ Assistance & Crime Prevention - Support & Advocacy Organization focused on the detection, deterrence, and eventual elimination of global online scams in all its forms, and the assistance and education of scam victims in their recovery and avoidance of future victimization. -- While the Society is based and incorporated in the United States, we represent Victims, Advocates, and active Anti-Scam Professionals, Groups, and Organizations all around the globe. -- To learn more about SCARS visit www.AgainstScams.org -- To donate to SCARS visit donate.AgainstScams.org -- We hope that you will help us by adding your voice and helping us help more scam victims worldwide.
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