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Welcome to the SCARS™ Project AnyScam™

The Project AnyScam is an Entry Point for the SCARS Compliant Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network™ which automatically distributes fraudster data across it whole network that includes: Websites, Social Media, Law Enforcement & Government, Money Transfer, Dating Industry, and many more places around the world. The network was built to provide a viable means to distribute scammer information, since most scam information is wasted on a single website or social media page making it very hard for people to find information before becoming a victim. Every reported scammer will be indexed by the search engines at the various End-Points as well, so that for each report made, the information will appear in many places.

AnyScam.com Updates

Additional Fields Have Been Added To Individual Forms For More Complete Reports
New Acknowledgements Added To Clarify Data Use

Thanks To Internet Valkyrja For Your Suggestions

Network Status

All SCARS Anti-Scam Network Operations Undergoing Upgrade Maintenance Until March 18th.

Facebook Feeds Disabled On Some Pages Due To Facebook Profile Attacks

Continuing To Observe Facebook’s Pro-Scammer Attitude For Our Data Retention

Network Scope

SCARS Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network

Now Distributes To:

871 Online Locations

Plus Law Enforcement, Government & Industry

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