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SCARS|CDN™ Anyscam™ – Report Money Transfer Information


Fraudster Western Union Moneygram or Other Money Transfer Information

Please report all scammer/fraudster Information here! This helps us alert other potential victims of the danger. Your report will be automatically uploaded and distributed by the SCARS|CDN™ Scam Data Reporting Network.™ Thank you!



  • Information is the greatest weapon against Online Fraud & Fraudsters (Scams & Scammers). Only with exact information is there any chance of action.

    This information will be distributed throughout our network of websites, social media, apps, and clearinghouses, to provide the maximum exposure for your reported scammer. This distribution is automatic, and we are constantly expanding the number of entities that receive the data that is being reported.

    Please make an effort to get this information, and enter it accurately. Errors mean that your report was wasted. If you care about being able to help others take action, be careful.

    We will identify the most important elements of information on this form for you. Please make sure you have those. If you are using a phone app, switch to your web browser so you can get them (copy & paste). If you do not know how, ask a friend how to do it. This is important.

    This is very important and you play an important part of helping to reduce online fraud with your reports. If you find more, please come back and report them.

    Thank You


  • As it did or would appear on the money transfer.

  • Please tell us which money transfer service was used to send money to the Scammer or Fraudster? Please do not create an OTHER if it is already in the list.
  • Typically their address, or city, state or province, and country
  • How much did you send to the scammer?
  • This would be the Western Union MTCN or other service number allowing pick up of the money.
  • You can upload a photo or a PDF file of the Money Transfer Document. This will be displayed online.
    Max. file size: 64 MB.

  • Keep this related to the money transfer, not scammer messages.

  • We will keep this confidential, but may be requested by the money transfer service if they perform any follow up action.
  • We will keep this confidential, but may be requested by the money transfer service if they perform any follow up action, or if we have questions.
  • We will keep this confidential, but may be requested by the money transfer service if they perform any follow up action, or if we have questions.

  • By entering the information in this form, you authorize us to distribute this data to other websites, social media, and apps. for the purpose of exposing the Fraudster - this includes the FBI, Social Media Legal & Security Departments, Money Transfer Agencies, and others - this is done through feeds and websites so this release is needed to share your report - we do not share your personal information with any commercial business except our authorized data partners . You also authorize us to distribute it to governments and agencies around the world for potential tracking & other actions. We will maintain the privacy of your personal information (if provided) subject to the limitations of the law, and use it for follow up purposes only. We will not use your information for any commercial purpose - please see out Terms and Conditions for more information. For more information about us, please see our About Page in our menu. Without this authorization we cannot use your information for law enforcement and preventative notifications. Without your authorization we are prohibited from collecting this information under United States and European Privacy Regulations.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Report Scammer Money Transfer Information

Thank You

You are making a difference by reporting scammers. This information can help another person avoid becoming a victim.

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